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Cybersecurity Program

Assess maturity and manage progress while collaborating with an alliance of organizations all working together to make our world more secure.


Built on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) 2.0


An Innovative Management Platform That Leverages Community Insight

Sectri helps organizations understand, manage, and communicate cybersecurity risk - all from a single platform built around a community with purpose.

Assess Maturity

Quantify the overall security posture of your entire organization by leveraging Sectri’s cutting-edge approach to self-assessment.

Manage Progress

Communicate risk reduction and demonstrate continuous improvement by setting clear goals and utilizing Sectri’s advanced trend analysis.

Collaborate & Benchmark

Compare your maturity level to similar organizations and harness the collective insight of the Sectri Alliance to strengthen your cybersecurity program.

Gain confidence in your cyber readiness with our simplified self-assessment

Sectri will guide you through an assessment of NIST CSF 2.0 by asking simple and pointed questions. Our innovative scoring algorithm will allow you to begin visualizing your maturity level as soon as you answer your first question.

Align your program with industry best practices and compliance frameworks
Use built-in NIST CSF 2.0 Framework Profiles that align with your industry or select from nearly 700 maturity questions to create your own.
Take notes, attach documents, and archive evidence 
Provide additional context, attach policy artifacts, ask questions, record concerns, and bookmark specific framework elements for future reference.
Quantify the overall maturity level of your entire organization
Segment your assessment to match your organizational hierarchy and weight scores based on risk. Our innovative scoring algorithm will aggregate everything into one overall maturity score.

Take control of your cyber program and demonstrate continuous improvement

With our platform at your fingertips, you will define achievable goals and effectively communicate progress towards achieving them. This provides peace of mind for your internal management teams and external stakeholders.

Use the Sectri Maturity Model to set maturity level goals and deadlines 
Our platform includes a maturity model that will aid you in defining goals that are based on both your current security posture and desired maturity level. 
Easily analyze score trends, track changes, and demonstrate progress
Sectri continually tracks progress and analyzes trends so that you can easily demonstrate progress over time - whether that’s a day, week, month, or even years.
Customize dashboards to focus on the program KPIs that are important to you
Every user in your organization can tailor their individual dashboards to highlight what they care about and hide what they don’t, ensuring a streamlined experience.

Find out how you compare to similar organizations and get help from the community

The Sectri Alliance is on a mission to strengthen global cyber resilience. As a member, you will have access to the community’s collective insight and benchmark data.

Leverage the entire community through user rated conversations
Ask general security questions or request feedback from the community on specific framework elements. Sectri’s leaderboard feature showcases the most upvoted users on the platform.
Benchmark your maturity level against the Sectri Alliance
Determine whether or not your organization is an outlier in comparison to the community. Choose to benchmark your entire program or compare specific framework elements.
Join smaller cohorts made up of other organizations in your industry
Our platform enables organizations to form smaller working groups of similar organizations. This maximizes the value of benchmarking and personalizes community conversations.

Join the Sectri Alliance and take control of your cyber resilience

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